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Now a part of you is a part of everything else

W/A/S/D:move, R/F:up & down, Q/E:roll, mouse:direction

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Is this your first time in the Qubitzoid? here are some tips:

1. There is more to it than meets the eye.

2. Be curious and go crazy with the camera controls and the webcam.

3. A treasure is hidden some where.

4. Use the mouse to control the camera and the scroll wheel for the zoom tool. Also try using the UFO camera mode

Finally do not forget to share the Qubitzoid with your friends and give us your feedback. Visit our website and
enjoy the Qubitzoid!
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¿Primera vez en el qubitzoid? acá unos tips:

1. Las apariencias engañan.

2. Se curioso y experimenta con la camaraweb y los controles.

3. Un tesoro está escondido en algún lugar.

4.Usa el mouse para controlar la cámara y la scroll wheel para hacer zoom. Prueba tambien el modo camara OVNI

Finalmente no olvides compartir el Qubitzoid con tus amigos y darnos tu feedback visitando nuestro sitio web.
Disfruta el Qubitzoid!
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