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We are an indie video game development company based in Bogotá (Colombia). We pursue seamless game balance, easy to play hard to master approach, art consistency and fun mechanics.

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Our Games

We are a very young company and we are working hard to consolidate our game style. These are some of our games, some of them are still in development, however you can play their current version right away.

Get it for free now!
Get it for free now!

Pikuniku Battle

Eat and fight the bug invasion in this unique local multiplayer action puzzle!

Big Bug and his army have invaded the Pikuniku Kingdom and only you can get rid of those pesky bugs! Play Story mode, Forever Alone mode and the Local Versus Multiplayer mode with your friends. Enjoy this new action puzzle with mechanics like never before. awesome gameplay, beautiful pixel art, fantastic music and FXs.

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Food eats food, From the creator of YOLO Animals, a new crazy and unique adventure has born! A casual game for the hardcore player.

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Pikuniku is awesome in Thailand
Pikuniku is awesome in Thailand
Get it for free now!
Get it for free now!

YOLO Animals

YOLO Animals is a frenetic online multiplayer eater-shooter videogame that will make you go dafuq and happy.

You start like a small animal bloob who has to make its way through a hostile and beautiful meadow, eating and defeating other animals. Every time you eat another animal, you grow and turn into a stronger animal.

More than 60 species available, each of them with their own special characteristics. Power ups and easter eggs are hidden all over this awesome and low-poly meadow.

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Chick Boom 2

Because one Chick is not enough, ChickBoom is back in a new fantastic adventure!
Help Chick get juicy worms and lay 100 eggs no matter how dangerous it can gets.
Just a well fed chicken will have the most adorable baby chicks.

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Chickens are decent people.
Chickens are decent people.
It`s hard to be a little chick.
It`s hard to be a little chick.

Chick Boom

Breed 100 little chicks and something awesome will happen. Help your chicken bring home some delicious worms without kicking the bucket. Don't get too close to the water or any suspicious device.

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Learning and improving your vocabulary in a given language has never been so easy and fun. Translate hips of words, accumulate energy and knowledge in this fantastic game made for all enthusiasts of multilingualism. Ten different languages and a thousand words per language to discover, translate and learn.

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Purcks videogame by Crazy Qubits


Purcks videogame by Crazy Qubits

The Pale Blue Dot

Throw colored orbs sliding your finger and hit the pale blue dot.

Don't let him down.

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Sharpen your aim and hit as many Purcks as you can.

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Purcks videogame by Crazy Qubits


Other Endeavours

We have made many crazy stuff.


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